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Dave and Charlie of Sweet Charlies


Charlie McLoughlin

Sweet Charlie’s started when Charlie decided in 2018 that she was going to make her own gifts for her friends and family in the form of a beautiful gift bouquet in her own lounge. It didn’t take long for people to want to give them as gifts themselves, to others. This grew and began to take over every room in her home. That’s when Charlie and her husband Dave, realised that this was growing into something bigger than just a hobby.

Floral treats

We set out to deliver fun, memories and smiles

Then the amazing opportunity came along with a perfect building on the High Street in Newport to accommodate both businesses into one and that’s when Sweet Charlie’s was really born.

This happened to tie in perfectly with Charlie and Dave’s vision to create their own soul food styled café where they could sell Crepes, Waffles and Ice Cream in a fun and vibrant atmosphere.

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